I received a pair of Bluetooth headphones as a gift. They were designed to allow me to take a call on my iPhone as well as listen to music and movies. While simply listening to something they worked great, and I definitely liked having no cord, especially while working out. When using them to take a call though, they would cut in and out and I was difficult for the other person to hear. I also noticed what a drain they were on my iPhones battery. I ended up taking them back and exchanging them for a comparably priced set of skull candies. The sound quality was hands down better, and I never experience cutting in and out while on a call. I imagine if you’re able to spend hundreds of dollars on a Bluetooth headset that does it all you’d b satisfied with the quality. If your like me and want to keep it under a hundred dollars I’d recommend going with the skull candies! The sound is great on a call or listening to music, the set came with multiple sizes of ear buds for a good fit, an they even have a carrying case for when they’re not being used. The last keeps them from getting annoyingly tangled while in my purse, and also keeps them from being chewed up by my cat, a problem that I’m sure not everyone experiences, but one that has caused me to go through multiple sets before getting the skull candies.