The overdrive media console is an app that allows you to download, manage, and experience MP3 audio books and EPUB ebooks. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models running Ov4.0 or newer. One of the unique things about this reader in particular is that it is used by public libraries to allow their patrons access to their virtual media. All you need to check out MP3s or ebooks to your i device is this app and your library card number. This is a great way to enjoy ebooks and MP3s with out having to permanently purchase them. It’s easy to use and has the added bonus of no late fees as the MP3s and ebooks are automatically taken off your reading list when they are due. The state your library is in determines the site you use to browse and obtain your titles. Maine’s site is download.maineinfonet.org New Hampshire’s is nh.lib.overdrive.com If you are in a different state simply google “library download” and your state, this should bring up the library program/s for your state. Once you are on the website simply find the library you are a member of and enter your library card number. once you have done that you will be able to browse and choose your titles, then download and they will go directly to the overdrive media console.

I’ve found this reader as easy to use as any other reader for smart phones. The only thing I found lacking is a “define” option for instances when I run into unfamiliar words. Other than that I found it to have all the expected options such as “bookmark”, “search”, “brightness”, ect.  Once you’ve set up your library in the app, the “get books” brings you directly to the website so you can easily browse MP3s and ebooks. The titles are a bit limited, and some have multiple patrons waiting for them, but all in all there was a varied selection of titles with no wait. I was able to find titles immediately available to check out and was happy with my selections. I am thrilled to have an app that allows me access to my local public library. I use this app almost every day and would recommend it for any avid reader, adult and child alike!

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